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Hey people, I have some free information for you!
They are called Ebooks (sort of like user manuals on the internet either in Adobe form or zip format).

There are many topics available so please feel free to browse and select the ones you would like.
Some of ebooks have been written by myself - My writing series and these will be updated quite regularly
so bookmark this page and return as often as you like.

New eBooks will be highlighted in a coloured cell for quick searching!

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By popular demand

Babys First Year
for 'The I want to Know'

Here are the
E books
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MLM Success

Tips and tricks of creating a
successful downline of
strong members
in your MLM business

Bipolar Disorder uncovered - Coping with the ups and downs of Bipolar Disorder

(This is a web link, not pdf)

The cost of living has sky-rocketed,
but who has time to work more hours?
The solution is to earn a passive income.
Most systems make it impossible for you
to really make money.
I discovered the key to making it work
in an excellent
free report which shows you:

* The essential keys for you to have a residual income
* Why you don't need to sell or recruit to have an income for life

Discover how you can earn a passive income, with the right system.
Visit the webpage: (not a pdf file)

(This is a web link, not pdf)

Through our services and products we will assist you to achieve your goals. We will help you become all you were born to be.

This programme can also show you a way of generating an income that would continue even if you don’t work after it has been set up, thereby giving you the freedom to pursue your purpose unhindered by financial worries!
Visit the webpage: (not a pdf file)

Making Herbal Bath Salts

Many recipes of creating
the perfect gift for either yourself
or someone you love.
Consisting of herbs and/or minerals
these bath salts are dynamic!

Writing is a soul baring task -
how to make your writing more interesting
and realistic

Earn big rewards in SA
with a top Affiliate Publisher.

This South African publisher
pays top commissions on a huge
variety of Clients
advertising. Learn more about
them in this PDF eBook


3Day Herbal Detox

Tailor make your own detox
using the pdf eBook.

Please let me know what you think
as I am starting this detox as well.


How to host a successful fundraising house party by the Breast Cancer Assoc 2006

Learn the Guitar
A basic guide for learning to play the guitar

Passive Income Explained
There is so much talk on the net about passive income. What is it and how do we create it?

SEO_made_easy -
How to really get your website listed top with the search engines! A brilliant read!

PPC Marketing for beginners -
How to set up your Pay Per Click marketing websites. Start your website earning for you now!
Step by step directive on webmastering

E-Cookbooks Recipe Sampler
Barbeque/Braai sauce recipes to make your braais more interesting from E-Cookbooks -
Create professional icons/
covers for your ebooks

The USA Gardener Guide to Growing Your Favorite Vegetables -
As the name states, a well worth download!

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