The Masinenge Informal Settlement Creche
Margate, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

The Masinenge Informal Settlement Creche was formed in 2001 as a desperate need was seen in the informal settlement in Margate. Many very young children were found to be living in the streets of the settlement with very little or no adult supervision or guidance of any sort.

They also had very few clothes and were lucky to have a meal of any sort even once a day.

So God inspired the idea of this creche in the hearts of certain members of the Full Gospel Church, Shelly Beach.

Through fund raising and God opening the hearts of people, Masinenge Creche began it's feeding scheme and also has managed to provide clothing for approximately 50 children.

The Creche has two daycare mothers who take care of the many children. These special ladies do not earn any money from the funds of the creche but each give generously of their time as a donation to the children of God.

Most of the children who attend the Creche have lost one or both of the parents through diseases worsened by AIDS and have been left to fend for themselves most of the time while their surviving family goes to work or to look for jobs.

The Full Gospel Church has, under the guidance of the Lord God and His helper, Pastor Peter Loots, started up food tunnels in various areas of Margate in order to try and assist the people in the poverty stricken areas.

The adults are being taught how to grow vegetables in these tunnels (at this stage spinach is being grown) and how to sustain themselves financially in order to provide for their families.

The leaders of the Creche are appealing to all who may be able to assist with various donations to keep this incredible need sustained.

This picturebelow is of a nine month old baby who has been malnourised most of its short life. Please help others like her to survive this tough, rough world.

The following donations are required urgently.

Food Non perishable foods,
ie tinned food, maize meal, sugar, soya, pronutro, jams, peanut butter, rice, baby formula, etc
Clothing Sizes from babies to teens.
Adult clothing is also greatfully distributed to those in need in the area.
Blankets In various sizes and thicknesses.
Stationery The children are encouraged to draw
Toiletries toothbrushes, soap, faceclothes, towels, etc
Shoes In various sizes

Should you wish to provide financial aid so that we may continue, please email

Below are some other pictures of the people and the settlement area that require help.

Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life!